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Cinemas in Strasbourg

Star Saint-Exupéry
18, rue du 22 Novembre
03 88 22 28 79

This cinema located in the very centre of Strasbourg offers you a wide variety of French and international films. All films are shown in their original versions with French subtitles.

27 rue du Jeu-des-Enfants
03 88 32 44 97
This is a cinema that hosts documentaries and art movies and displays them in their original versions.

17, rue Francs-Bourgeois
08 36 68 22 88

Pathé-Vox offers a wide range of most recent films shown in French versions.

3, rue Francs-Bourgeois
03 88 75 11 52

This is a cinema for true movie-lovers. Retrospectives, alternative international films, classics, meetings, lectures,.

UGC Capitole
3-5, rue du 22 Novembre
08 92 70 00 00
UGC offers a wide range of most recent films shown in French versions.

UGC Ciné-Cité
25, route de Rhin
08 92 70 00 00

With its 22 movie halls, this is the biggest UGC in Europe. On its repertoire, you can find an interesting mix of popular s well as rare films.

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