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 Strasbourg > Theatre, Music, Dance, Cinema

Culture in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is a city with very rich and vibrant cultural life. Due to its unique position on the very border of France, cultural heritage of Alsace represents a mix of both French and German influences. Wide variety of interesting cultural activities are on daily display - whether you're a fan of opera, theatre, or vaudeville and cabaret shows, you will definitely find Strasbourg's cultural life appealing enough to make your stay even more profound.

Cinemas in Strasbourg
There are a few cinemas where the movies are shown in their original versions with French subtitles.

Theatre, Music, Dance

Theatre National de Strasbourg
1, rue André-Malraux
03 88 24 88 00,

TNS is a world renowned theatre with French and international repertoire.

Le Maillon - Theatre de Strasbourg
13, place André-Maurois (Hautpierre)
03 88 27 61 71,
This modern theatre with very interesting program is currently situated in Parc des Expositions, in Wacken. Le Maillon is not only a theatre but a concert hall, a nice and cozy place to drink a coffee or a glass of wine, and a theatre library.

Theatre Jeune Public
7, rue des Balayeurs
03 88 35 70 10,
TJP is a drama center with productions intended for children and adolescents. TJP has two auditoriums, one is situated in rue de Balayeurs and the other one is located in Petite France.

Pôle Sud
1, rue de Bourgogne
03 88 39 23 40,

This is a cultural centre located in the district of Meinau. Their repertoire is mostly based on jazz and dance.

Opéra National du Rhin
19, place Broglie
03 88 75 48 23,

This world renowned Opera house offers classical and contemporary repertoire.

Orchestre Philharmonique
Palais de musique et des congres , Place de Bordeaux
03 88 15 09 09,

Orchestra offers classical and contemporary program that includes local as well as international artists.

Conservatoire National de region de Strasbourg
10, rue de Hohwald
03 88 23 77 23

Palais de la musique et des congres
Place de Bordeaux
03 88 37 67 67,

Alongside staging concerts of Philharmonique, Palais also accommodates various shows (theatre, music, dance, cabaret,...)

Le Taps
Taps Gare (Laiterie), 10, rue de Hohwald
Taps Scala (Neudorf), 96, route du Polygone
03 88 34 10 36,

These two city halls offer you theatre, dance, chanson and comedy shows. Also, the Laiterie hall has a much alternative music program that will appeal to younger visitors in Strasbourg.

La Choucrouterie
20, rue Saint-Louis
03 88 36 07 28,

This is the right place for cabaret lovers. But be cautious, the shows are in French and in Alsace dialect!

Le Kafteur
3, rue Thiergarten
03 88 22 22 03,

Le Kafteur is a very interesting coffee-theatre.

Au Camionneur
14, rue Georges-Wodli
03 88 32 12 60,

Place with a very rich repertoire (coffee-theatre, concerts, improvisations,...)

Le Cheval Blanc
25, rue Principale
Schiltigheim, 03 88 33 70 70

This is a famous Strasbourg winery but it's also the right place for cabaret lovers.

Le Point D'Eau
Alée Cassin, Ostwald
03 88 30 17 17,

This is a city hall that welcomes various shows (theatre, dance, music, chanson,.)

Alée François-Mitterand, Illkirch-Graffenstaden
03 88 65 31 00,

Local auditorium that stages various concerts, cabaret and theatre shows.

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