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Strasbourg attractions

Sightseeing in Strasbourg
City offers a range of historical sights and tourist attractions. You can explore the city yourself, or use a service of a professional guide. Sightseeing can be done by foot, boat, car, or by renting a bike, taking a little tourist train, or taxi.

Strasbourg Cathedral
Strasbourg Cathedral The Cathédrale de Nôtre Dame soars over Strasbourg's old town, built from 1190 - 1439, the highest medieval building in Europe with height of 142 m, it stands on the site of a roman temple. Built on a mound above the marshy land surrounding the camp of Argentoratum, and an early church commissioned by King Clovis of the Franks. The first works begun in 1015, but fire destroyed most of the original Romanesque building, and by the time work started on rebuilding it at the end of the twelth century, the Gothic style had reached Alsace, and stonemasons and master builders who had worked at Chartres were soon bringing their skills to this new project. Place de la Cathédrale, admission free.

Wine cellar of Strasbourg city hospital
If you want to know more about Alsatian wines and wine sorts, Cave Historique des Hopices de Strasbourg is the best place to start as it offers you the best quality wines of the region with a free tasting.

Petite France

Strasbourg Petite France The popular corner of the Grand Île (the Main Island) is where the Île river splits up into a number of canals, and cascades through a small area of half-timbered houses. The quarter is brimming with tourist restaurants, hotels, and souvenir shops.

Ponts Couverts

Towers and footbridges situated at the end of 'Petite France' are the Ponts-Couverts, one of the most famous tourist attractions in all of Strasbourg. Comprising three 13th-century towers, these ancient fortified remains owe their name to the series of roofed, wooden footbridges.

Quartier Allemand

The Quartier Allemand (German District) is the showcase of German neoclassical architecture in Strasbourg. At the heart of the district lies Place de la République, a vast square centred on a small wooded park.


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