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Strasbourg universities

More than 45,000 students, of whom are about 6000 foreign, study at Strasbourg's three universities, which are grouped into one Pôle Universitaire Européen (European University Center).

    Strasbourg University
  • The Université Louis Pasteur (U.L.P. or Strasbourg I), science and medical school, is known for its advanced level of comprehensive research (a Nobel prize and 9 members of the Academy of Science).

  • The Université Marc Bloch (U.M.B. or Strasbourg II), Arts and Sciences, offers courses in 25 foreign languages.

  • The Université Robert Schuman (U.R.S. or Strasbourg III), predominantly law-oriented, specializes in International and European Law.
The "Pôle universitaire européen" is an association of the three Strasbourg universities and the three local authorities (the Alsace region, the Bas-Rhin department and the Strasbourg urban district council).
Information for international students and researchers.

Intelus: Informations télématiques des Universités de Strasbourg
- Présentation des universités. Enseignement, structures, vie étudiante.

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