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Strasbourg transportation

Tram is the most popular, most effective and by all means the most comfortable way of transport in Strasbourg. Four tram lines (A, B C and D) connect all corners of the city and make city traffic more fluid. Lines A, B and C operate from Monday to Sunday from 4.30 till 0.30 while the line D operates every day except Sunday, from 7.00 till 19.00.

Unipass tickets that are used for tram and the bus transport, can be bought at the self-service vending devices that are placed on every tram station and need to be validated before the entrance to the tram. Once they are validated, the tickets are suitable for a one-way ride, during the period of one hour. These tickets are also applicable in the buses if you're changing means of transportation, but only in one single direction. There are 27 bus lines in Strasbourg and most of them operate until 23.00 every day of the week. Unipass tickets can also be bought from the bus drivers. Children younger than 4 years don't need a ticket.

You can choose between few different categories of tickets but if you're planning to use the public transport frequently during your visit, choose the Tourpass ticket that will allow you limitless traveling for 24 hours. If you're traveling with your family, select the Familipass ticket. For any additional information, visit the official site of Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois (CTS).

Car travel, parking places

There are few parking lots in Strasbourg that are placed close to tram stations and which offer you a unique ticket for parking and for a tram ride. This way you could avoid traffic rush hours, place your care on a safe place and enjoy your stay even more. Garages Rotonde, Ducs d'Alsace, Elsau, Baggersee are placed very close to the city center, while garages Hohenheim Gare, Pont Phario, Rives de l'Aar and Etoile are situated very close to tram stations.

Getting around by bicycle

With more than 400 km of high quality cycle track, a perfect way to discover Strasbourg is to rent a bicycle and enjoy the sightseeing. There are few bicycle rentals in Strasbourg.

Alsace International Car Service
Address: 15, avenue du Général de Gaull, Strasbourg
Phone: +33.(0)388-45919 - Fax: +33.(0)388-45919
Specialized in chauffeuring and accompanying V.I.P.s ( tourism, business, cortege, ceremony ), AICS offers you all the comfort and efficiency of a bilingual-trilingual chauffeur service with a whole range of vehicles for your selection.
AM Taxi
Address: Truchtersheim - Weyersheim, Strasbourg
Phone: +33.(0)388-41151 - Fax: +33.(0)388-61241
Airconditioned cars. Personalized visits and tours. Letters and expresspackets delivered from all distances. Personalized welcome at the airports.
Taxi 13
Address: 30, avenue de la Paix, Strasbourg
Phone: +33.(0)388-36131 - Fax: +33.(0)388-36336
Offering various tours around Alsace.
Taxi 13

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