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Strasbourg Sightseeing

If you would like to discover Strasbourg in less conventional way and really make your stay here unforgettable, you can choose between few different and unique options:

Sightseeing by foot
Strasbourg tourist office offers you a program called 'The Strasbourg stroll' with theme plans and professional guides who will make sure you don't miss any detail of city history or specific quality of everyday life. You can find all information concerning this program at Strasbourg Tourist Office, place de la Cathédrale 17.
Reservations: 03 88 52 28 28

Sightseeing by train
From April till November, you can make a nice tour around Strasbourg by little tourist train. The guides on board speak English as well as German, Italian and Spanish. The train leaves from place de Château everyday.
Information and reservations: 03 88 77 70 03.

Sightseeing by car
Topless car will drive you through Strasbourg and give you a comfortable way of sightseeing. The car leaves everyday from place de Château and is equipped with multilingual guides.
Information and reservations: 03 88 39 92 80

Sightseeing by boat
If you would like to get to know Strasbourg by sailing on the city river Ill, program of Strasbourg Port Autonome is made just for you. Everyday, every half hour (from 9.30 till 21.00), there is a big glass-top boat leaving from the port behind Palais Rohan taking tourist on a 1.30h ride around the city. Also, illuminated night trips are possible from 1st May till 30th September (everyday at 21.30h and 22h). In addition, you could also take part in a boat trip on the river Rhine from 1st July till 31st August (the boat departs everyday at 14.30h). The tickets can be bought on the boats.
Information and reservations: 03 88 84 13 13

Sightseeing by taxi
Certain taxis offer you a one-hour tour around Strasbourg for a good price.
Taxi 13: 03 88 36 13 13

Sightseeing by bus
With a special ticket 'Tour Pass', you can travel around Strasbourg by bus the whole day.
All information: Allo CTS, 03 88 77 70 70

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